Repair MOV File after Recovery

Media files are the best way to pass your free time when you have nothing to do with your System. Most of the time people used to collect a number of media files to enrich their media viewing experience with a large collection. Every system is supplied with built-in hard drive to store user files. User can store their media files like audios, videos, movies in that. Even external hard disks are also available to store more and more amount of users data. Those video and movie collection may contain different types of video file formats including MOV files. MOV is a multimedia file format developed by Apple Inc. You can also refer it as a Quick time movie as MOV is a default file format for Apple multimedia devices.

MOV file are container containing Audio and Video streams in High Quality. Users can download MOV movie file directly from iTunes Movie store into their hard drive. But unfortunate event like a Tsunami can hit you at any time with which you can lose your data from your storage along with your favourite MOV files. In such a case, those MOV file can be recovered using a Recovery Software. However, choosing an appropriate recovery software is really important as it might affect the files that are being recovered. After recovering, sometimes MOV files does not play because of certain errors. For other problems related to your MOV file corruption on your PC, visit this page:

Download - Windows

Download - Mac

Reasons behind Media File Loss

  • Accidental MOV file deletion either with Shift + Delete operation in Windows or with Command + Delete operation in Mac.
  • Formatting the drive containing MOV files
  • Failure in transfer procedure from one drive to another
  • Any third party software deleting your media files

Reasons behind MOV File Damage

  • File system corruption leading to the corruption of residing file including MOV file.
  • MOV file corruption because of Operating System crash.
  • Damaged Header causing a corrupt MOV file.
  • MOV file index corruption
  • Virus infection corrupting MOV file

How to Repair MOV File after Recovery?

So, you just recovered a MOV file but it`s not playing in your media file then no needs to be worried as recovered MOV file repair is possible using MOV File Repair Software. It is very usual that a recovered video file does not play after improper recovery procedure. By looking at this scenario, MOV file repair software is designed for MOV file repair after recovery to make them playable again. Actually during recovery process, sometimes the file header and index are not recovered properly along with the MOV video file. A file with Missing header will show you an error like Missing Header message while playing, similarly a file with broken index will give you an error message like Index is broken.

To resolve such problems, you need this software which is perfectly able to repair MOV file after recovery. This software is very simple and interface is very interactive for easy MOV file repair after recovery. This software can perform MOV file repair after recovery in both Windows and Mac OS. Apart from recovered MOV file repair, this software can also be used to repair DSLR MOV file. With demo version of this software, restored MOV repair and preview is also possible. If you are satisfied with the demo version repair process then buy the software to save the repaired file. Just follow the below given simple steps for recovered MOV file repair.

Steps to repair MOV file after recovery:

Step - 1: Download and install the MOV File Repair Software on system for MOV file repair after recovery. After installing, launch the application. You will see main screen, "Browse" the MOV files that you want to repair and one reference Healthy MOV file and then click on "Repair" option to repair MOV file after recovery.

Repair MOV File after Recovery - File Selection

Download - Windows

Download - Mac

Step - 2: Wait untill the software process the recovered MOV file with errors to resolve them.

Repair MOV File after Recovery - Repair Process

Step - 3: After repair process, preview your file to know whether it is working properly or not.

Repair MOV File after Recovery - Preview File

Step - 4: Save the repaired new and healthy MOV file into your desired disk location.

Repair MOV File after Recovery - Save Files

Download - Windows

Download - Mac